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Blog archive: 2014

Canberran Gold Quill Award Winner Bob Crawshaw shares his winning experience.

15 Dec 2014 / Posted by leanne  /  News

Contact Bob Crawshaw for more information or advice about the IABC Gold Quill Awards: Twitter: @bobcraw Phone: 0401 063 387 Let the rest of Canberra, Australia, and for that matter the world know by entering the Gold Quill Awards - the world’s premiere awards program for communicators...... Read more »

Why Canberra Communicators should enter the Gold Quill Awards!

15 Dec 2014 / Posted by leanne  /  News

Listen to IABC Canberra Board member and Gold Quill Award winner (one of only two Canberrans to ever win) share tips and insights about entering this premiere international communication award program. Let the rest of Canberra, Australia, and for that matter the world know by entering the Gold Quill Awards - the world’s premiere awards program for communicators...... Read more »

Giving Strategy a Soul

6 Nov 2014 / Posted by leanne  /  News

Communicating strategy is complex as the next IABC guest speaker Managing Director of Anecdote Pty Ltd Mark Schenk knows too well. In 2012, Mark met [Tracey] the head of strategy for one of Australia’s largest financial sector company’s who was pulling her hair out with frustration. Tracey described the enormous effort spent on the development and communication of the company’s strategy; where the CEO did a national roadshow presenting the strategy at every major site. Two weeks a..... Read more »

Bikie lays down laws on the great social media debate

7 Oct 2014 / Posted by leanne  /  News

Here's the hype: Social media is cool. Working the digital and online angles of your Govcomms campaign is endlessly cool, too. Everybody's on social, so you've gotta be, right? Yet here's the reality: Organisations whose operational and reputational DNA involves enforcement, jurisdiction, policing, prohibition or taxation are not cool. Just aren't. And when they're on social, they're more often flamed than famed. So I've got a few well-crafted messages for tough to love brands starting..... Read more »

Join IABC and win!

1 Oct 2014 / Posted by leanne  /  News

Tomorrow is the launch of International Membership Month and all new or previously lapsed members will have their $40 administration join (or rejoin) fee waived. For the month, our campaign theme is “Wake Up to IABC” and to coincide with the free joining fee and great perks that IABC offers to members, we are encouraging new members to think about an IABC membership as being as essential to them as their morning cup of coffee. To go along with our theme, we are offering a year’s supply ..... Read more »

Announcing the 2015 Gold Quill Awards!

19 Sep 2014 / Posted by leanne  /  News

Got a brilliant idea you'd like to share with your peers? Enter the Gold Quill Awards program! The Gold Quill Awards are the world’s premier awards program for communicators. Simply entering gives you value, as you’ll receive quality feedback from trained international evaluators, all of whom are working professionals in the communication field. And, should you win, you’ll become part of the Gold Quill galaxy—a stellar lineup of communication all-stars who’ve used strategy, creat..... Read more »

Content marketing clock ticks for government

1 Sep 2014 / Posted by leanne  /  News

This week Todd Wheatland spoke to Canberra communicators about governments and content marketing. With extensive international experience Todd is pioneering content marketing in Australia. Todd has an understated, relaxed style and his presentation unfolded smoothly and logically.  You could see many government PRs and marketers in the audience, nodding in agreement, as he built his case. His central theme was communications have shifted. That coupled with declining government budgets, m..... Read more »

Global Standard of the Communication Profession

18 Aug 2014 / Posted by leanne  /  News

The Global Standard of the Communication Profession was developed by the IABC. It guides global practitioners in their day-to-day practice. Comprised of six principles – ethics, analysis, context, consistency, engagement and strategy, the Global Standard is the core of who we are as communication professionals. Use of the Global Standard focuses our work and enables us to cross all borders, align with diverse cultures, and effectively serve any organisation—regardless of type or size. ..... Read more »

Three musts for PR Managers (and those who aspire to be)

11 Aug 2014 / Posted by leanne  /  News

Forget management gobbledygook - PR managers must focus on three things: control, competence and clarity. Don’t read this unless you manage a PR team or aspire to manage one. Top communicators in any organisation have a tough job and it’s often lonely sitting astride the PR pinnacle. Which is why you need to be surrounded by a good communications team, one that can get results, win respect and boost your profile while they build their careers. A good team lies at the heart of good PR ..... Read more »

Adrian Cropley’s presentation available for download

28 Jul 2014 / Posted by leanne  /  News

In our extended lunchtime seminar, Adrian Cropley explored change communications and the vital role of leaders in managing transition through to implementing cultural change. This session included: The context for change – what is the landscape and the context The pitfalls and the case for good change communication The impact of change on individuals and organisations, and how to manage change resistance Preparing for change and assessing the risks Identifying stakeholders – w..... Read more »

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