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Blog archive: 2014

Time for APS leaders to tell stories

28 Jul 2014 / Posted by leanne  /  News

Canberra is facing uncertain times – job losses, a new Senate making life difficult for the Government, dwindling budgets and shrinking agencies. If ever there was time for good communications within, around and from government, the time is now. And it is time for Public Service managers to reach into their communication toolkits and pull out their most potent tool – storytelling. Whether selling a policy or reassuring nervous staff, stories are a communicator’s best friend. They hav..... Read more »

Malaysian PR Faces Another Tragedy

19 Jul 2014 / Posted by leanne  /  News

Our hearts are broken for those who died on Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 on Thursday. The instant that air to ground missile hit the plane, hundreds of lives ended and families around the globe were plunged into despair. Also spare a thought for Malaysian Airlines staff now forced to deal with another calamity. Company communicators may have just gotten over the heartbreak surrounding the disappearance of MH370. Now they must communicate through another tragedy.  The pressure from world me..... Read more »

Adrian Cropley – New Paradigms for Change Communications

11 Jul 2014 / Posted by leanne  /  News

In this extended lunchtime seminar, Adrian Cropley will explore change communications including the vital role of leaders in managing transition through to implementing cultural change. This session will include: The context for change – what is the landscape and the context The pitfalls and the case for good change communication The impact of change on individuals and organisations, and how to manage change resistance Preparing for change and assessing the risks Identifying sta..... Read more »

2014 IABC World Conference

15 Mar 2014 / Posted by leanne  /  News

The 2014 IABC World Conference is open for registration. Come learn and be inspired by thought leaders and innovators in the field of business communications. Date: 8 to 11 June. Venue: Sheraton Centre, Toronto, Canada. For further details visit the global site...... Read more »

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