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Blog archive: 2020

In case you missed it: Trust in AI…?

15 Sep 2020 / Posted by leanne  /  News

Hear from Jason Perelson, Creative Director from Synergy, about AI technology and communications. Video from our webinar on 27 August 2020: Trust in AI...? webinar recording ..... Read more »

IABC Canberra joins advocacy group in support of university fee equality

4 Aug 2020 / Posted by leanne  /  News

Working to ensure university fee equality for communication, arts and humanities students across Australia Australian chapters of the IABC have joined the Australian Communications Advocacy Group (ACAG) to support university fee equality. IABC chapters representing communication professionals in the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales and Victoria are proud to partner with the Public Relations Institute of Australia (PRIA) and the International Association o..... Read more »

Why communicating in 2020 is a bit like starting a comedy career

21 Jul 2020 / Posted by leanne  /  News

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve read the term ‘business as usual’ this quarter, I could probably fund a 2021 arts degree. It seems the world is repeating it, like an affirmation, craving stability after a record run of challenging circumstances. Now that you’re here, this is about sustained crises and the attention economy. I wonder if you’d still have clicked onto this page if it had COVID-19 in the title. The new decade has been marred with sustained crises..... Read more »

The struggle is real

18 Jul 2020 / Posted by leanne  /  News

How’s everyone doing? I’ve really struggled at times over the last few weeks and I’m sure I’m not alone. While restrictions are lifting I think it is going to be a long time before things will return to pre-COVID conditions. How will I survive the long, dark cold Canberra winter without a trip to Thailand in July to look forward to? I am aware this is a First World problem but knowing I have that trip to look forward to makes winter somewhat bearable, well that and an electric..... Read more »

Canberra communication professionals series: Melanie Gibbons

9 Jun 2020 / Posted by leanne  /  News

For the last six months, Melanie Gibbons has been profiling Canberra communication professionals on her blog. We turned the tables on her and asked her to answer her own questions. Tell us about your role. I started Elm Communications two years ago (this week!) after leaving the public service. Elm is a strategic communications consultancy working primarily with government clients. I have been lucky enough to work with large and small government agencies on some really interesting pro..... Read more »

Free COVID-19 communication resources

18 Apr 2020 / Posted by leanne  /  News

I won't bother with all the usual platitudes about 'crazy times' and 'unprecedented events'. As all communicators know, sh*t got real very quickly and aside from the fabulous medical professionals, who did the rest of the world turn to make sense of it all? That's right, communicators. We are lucky to be in a position to make a real difference to people in this difficult time. We just need to do it quickly. Lucky for us in Australia we are a few weeks behind from a communicati..... Read more »

From passive to purposeful: get the most out of your IABC membership

21 Mar 2020 / Posted by leanne  /  News

Here in Canberra, we have a huge number of skilled, passionate, communication professionals with energy and desire to enhance their skills and networks. But. Many of us are part of a culture that devolves responsibility for career development to our employers. Ask a colleague to attend an event, and you might get: 'I’ll see what the boss thinks,' or 'I’ll see if there are funds available.' While it’s true that we do need the partnership of our employer in growing our..... Read more »

Winning awards in Austin!

11 Mar 2020 / Posted by leanne  /  News

During February, IABC Canberra was awarded a Chapter Management Award for our 2019 Corporate Rebels event! More than 250 people attended the talk at the National Gallery of Australia to learn about shaking up our workplaces and the way we work. It was our biggest event of the year. IABC Canberra President, Amanda Dennett, attended the awards presentation in Austin, Texas. It was a 70s themed event, to celebrate the 50th anniver..... Read more »

Communicating in a crisis recovery world

13 Feb 2020 / Posted by leanne  /  News

By now most of us are back at work in the capital after what has been an unprecedented summer of disaster and stress. That is, if you weren't called back to work to assist with the immediate crisis response—many communicators at some of our largest government departments were involved in the initial crisis response.  Each of us were either directly or indirectly touched in some way by the events of the last two months, and all of us were robbed of the holiday break or downtime we were..... Read more »

Communicators in the bushfire crisis

19 Jan 2020 / Posted by leanne  /  News

Communicators from government agencies, businesses and volunteer organisations have played an essential role throughout the bushfire crisis, ensuring the public and media have been kept up to date with relevant, timely information and providing reassurance and critical public safety messages. We acknowledge the work of IABC members who are involved in the response in both professional and voluntary capacities. IABC Canberra member Danielle Bevins-Sundvall from KPMG is a Public Affairs..... Read more »

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