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A bold cry for authentic communication

6 Jun 2017

It’s starting to get cold in Canberra, the leaves are turning and in many cases have dropped. The days are largely beautiful. Clear, sunny and bright. A fitting backdrop for the visit of the UKs head communicator.

Alex Aiken’s visit brought a sense of purpose and of importance to our profession. His rallying cry for boldness, leadership and bravery in communication practice was well received. Aiken believes that government communicators should be out in the market place, meeting people and explaining government policies. He reinforced basic principles like the need for empathy and rapport to precede our messages and in the importance of building relationships with stakeholders.

His take home message for me? As communicators we must constantly be proving our value – and that means seeing behavioural change from our work.

If you missed seeing Alex Aiken (and I know many of you did with all 180 tickets for his breakfast event selling out in 3 days), we have a treat for you. His presentation was videoed by our content partner, Content Group, and is available for your viewing pleasure. And exclusively for members, a copy of the slides Alex used.

Victor Zalakos

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