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Adrian Cropley – New Paradigms for Change Communications

11 Jul 2014

In this extended lunchtime seminar, Adrian Cropley will explore change communications including the vital role of leaders in managing transition through to implementing cultural change.

This session will include:

  • The context for change – what is the landscape and the context
  • The pitfalls and the case for good change communication
  • The impact of change on individuals and organisations, and how to manage change resistance
  • Preparing for change and assessing the risks
  • Identifying stakeholders – what are their likely reactions and how to put yourself in their shoes
  • Managing change fatigue and implementing cultural change
  • The 4 M’s of communication planning
  • Building leadership competence in managing change and people in the journey

Adrian has over 20 years business communication experience in both the corporate and private sectors. His experience extends from Business Project Management to Human Resources, Change and Organizational Development as well as many years in Internal Communication & Change Communication.

In 2004 he founded and currently manages Cropley Communication a consultancy firm specializing in Change, Communication and Coaching solutions for clients across the globe.

As principal consultant Adrian has worked with a variety of clients on major change communication initiatives and developing internal communication strategies, conducting team building workshops and coaching. He is an advisor and business/life coach to a number of professionals and often guest lectures at universities on communication & leadership. Some of his clients include, NAB, ANZ, Amcor, Repco, Infosys, Unilever, Ernst & Young & Shell. He is also currently one of the trainers for the successful Black Belt Internal Communication Program in Australia.

Adrian has held a number of positions within IABC including Global Chair, and has supported the growth of IABC throughout the Asia Pacific Region helping chapters to form and develop lasting strategies and growth plans.

This is a unique opportunity to hear from a global leader in change communications and the International Association of Business Communications. With speaking engagements at various communications conferences and forums globally, Adrian’s talents are recognized in the industry. He is widely published with numbers of articles appearing in industry magazines globally and he continues to write regular articles on Change Communication in global newsletters.

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