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Bikie lays down laws on the great social media debate

7 Oct 2014

Here’s the hype: Social media is cool. Working the digital and online angles of your Govcomms campaign is endlessly cool, too. Everybody’s on social, so you’ve gotta be, right?

Yet here’s the reality: Organisations whose operational and reputational DNA involves enforcement, jurisdiction, policing, prohibition or taxation are not cool. Just aren’t. And when they’re on social, they’re more often flamed than famed.

So I’ve got a few well-crafted messages for tough to love brands starting with: #”stickittotheman”

No-one really “likes” a government brand; especially your social media stakeholders who can pretty much comment, post, publish and vent as they like, at the touch of an iPhone.

Of course you’re only doing your job, and you’re trying to listen better. You’re tasked with being more responsive to your social stakeholders, but you constantly wonder why it’s so darn hard to get them to pay attention or relate to your latest blog post or online campaign.

It’s certainly harder than if you were a love brand; a BMW, a Lady GaGa, a Calvin Klein or The Block. Then again, these brands don’t seem to jam you every which way and every bad day but Sunday. But you lot – yeah you government types – it’s thought that you’re giving it to them big style: Any wonder your social interactions are tainted from the start?

Consider this: Maybe you’re trying too hard. Coming at it from the wrong angle. With the wrong mindset…

What if you took a completely fresh look at your social interactions? You’re not currently, and not likely to soon become, love brands. So you need to take a different tack to others with friendlier profiles.

How about you stop listening to the puff and hype and start to use social in ways that acknowledged your status, respected their position, and played to your strengths in ways that cast you in a better, stronger, more productive light?

You can soon learn what’s the go, from the bikie in the know.

Come along to see Social Media specialist Gerry McCusker at the National Press Club on Wednesday 14 October between 12-2pm. Don’t miss it!

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