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Convos, mojitos and LinkedIn

5 Apr 2018

Group of people at the IABC Canberra event

A wrap-up from our Building Connections: LinkedIn event.

The mojitos and conversation flowed at Highball Express for our first IABC Canberra event for 2018.

There was a great mix of communicators from government and private industry, as well as consultants and freelancers. Our speakers shared tips on using LinkedIn and other social media platforms to build personal brand and corporate culture online.

Claire George shared her wealth of experience in coaching leaders to identify their personal value and what they stand for before building their online profiles. Clare said your LinkedIn profile doesn’t have to just list your job title and education experience – the titles and information you choose to list should reflect your career and life values.

LinkedIn and Twitter are good sources of content for communicators, and building 10 minutes reading time into your morning can help you keep across industry trends. Liking and sharing these posts online, or writing some of your own, can also help position you as a thought leader – not only for the job you have now but also for the future career you want to build.

To help you identify your personal values and build an online profile to match, Claire shared a Personal Brand worksheet at the event – that we’re sharing with you here too! Download your copy here: IABC Canberra Personal Brand Worksheet.

Amanda Dennett shared insights on how communication professionals can develop strategies for LinkedIn and social media to build company brand, improve culture and create employee advocates. Organisations need to create engaging and people-focussed content to build their brand. Telling stories about your employees shows the human side of your organisation, and also improves internal company culture. Amanda said empowering customers and employees to use social media is also a critical step in this process. This can be risky, so processes to respond to issues need to be in place. However, encouraging customers and employees to share posts, or comment and like your organisation’s posts, provides strong third-party endorsements for your brand that resonate more strongly with online audiences.

About the event speakers:

Claire George leads Corporate and Internal Communications for IBM across the Asia Pacific region. Previously, she led IBM’s Social Engagement program, working closely with LinkedIn to develop coaching programs for Executives on personal branding using the platform. Follow Claire on Twitter.

Amanda Dennett is Head of Digital Experience at the Australian War Memorial and she has previously worked as a media adviser, lead a video production team, and implemented social media customer service at the Department of Human Services. Follow Amanda on Twitter.

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