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Event wrap-up: midweek mingle leadership index edition

26 Oct 2019

Members and friends enjoyed more than a complimentary drink and chance to catch up at our springtime midweek mingle on 25 September.

We were pleased to welcome Isentia’s Chief Insights Officer Khali Sakkas to introduce the newly released report, Leadership Index ED3: Leading through crisis.

IABC Canberra members mingle at Hotel Kurrajong before the talk.

As Khali explained, ‘Leadership is never more tested than when it is under stress. When a crisis hits, how a leader acts, behaves (or at least appears to) and inspires can often determine the outcome.’

The report looks into four of the biggest crises of last year and the leaders responsible for navigating them, including Rugby Australia’s Raelene Castle, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Boeing’s Dennis Muilenburg.

IABC Canberra President Alison Senti introduces Isentia’s Chief Insights Officer Khali Sakkas.

Khali spoke about the need for leaders to be present, empathetic, trustworthy and authentic, and nurture these traits well before a crisis hits.

Leaders who fall short of the necessary soft skills failed to keep their head above water when faced with a crisis.

While the report didn’t find there was a ‘new playbook on crisis management’, it did show the importance of response time, as well as who responds, and how. 

Attendees were gifted with a copy of the report.

If you couldn’t attend our mingle, you can still get a copy of the report to see how the leaders measured up against one another: download the Leadership Index

And that’s a wrap!

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