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Co-design in COVID times: How to run remote workshops that don’t suck

11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Hear from Etienne Maujean, Head of Research and Design at Cordelta Digital, about Design
Thinking and remote collaboration.

Delivering innovative solutions to today’s increasingly complex challenges is hard. Doing it remotely, during a global pandemic is even harder.

Knowing how to harness the power of co-design to facilitate effective collaboration (remotely) can be a game-changer. When done right, it can act as a multiplier for your team’ss capability, leading to consensus and high-quality outputs, faster.

To achieve this, following a robust process including discovery research, ideation and design iterations is usually a good place to start. However, success rarely lies in finding and executing your best ideas in a vacuum. Complex projects also require effective collaboration between stakeholders, SMEs and specialists to create momentum within your team, identify
and explore challenges together, generate better ideas and make decisions quicker and more rationally.

Whether you are a designer, communication professional, project manager or team lead, this hour-long presentation will give you a fast pace run-down of different activities and remote workshops you can use throughout stages of problem framing, discovery research and co-design. Whether you’re working on a project in your current organisation or consulting to solve someone else’s challenge, you will find practical examples and tips to unlock your team’s potential during these trying times.


  • Co-Design and Design Thinking, separating the concepts from the buzzwords
  • Knowing when to sprinkle collaboration throughout the phases of a project
  • Project intent and kick-off meeting
  • Discovery workshop: audit, target users and requirements
  • Co-design workshops: ideation, concept and agreeing on a direction
  • Remote user testing: quantitative and qualitative
  • Tips, tricks and tools to keep stakeholders engaged
  • Time for questions and discussion

Fast-paced and packed with examples of case studies, clear guidance and practical advice, this power-hour of facilitation will give you the tools you need to unlock your team’s potential, remotely!

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