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26 Apr 2018

Whose change is it anyway?

Upfront research is vital for all communication campaigns – including our change programs.

In this IABC Canberra event, international communications expert Angela Sinickas will share stories of change programs that would have gone horribly wrong without adequate analysis to identify the real causes of the problems. Angela will focus on building our approach to stakeholder research to understand people’s starting point-knowledge and attitudes relevant to developing the most effective strategies.

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28 Mar 2018

Building connections: LinkedIn

A new year calls for a new social media profile.

We’re taking stock of our online brand to make sure we’re using LinkedIn and other social media to support our professional goals.

Come along to hear tips on making the most of your online profile and advice for communicators about how organisations can leverage LinkedIn to build employee culture and improve a company’s online brand.

PLUS: Have your portrait photo taken at the event to give your new profile the impact it deserves! We’ll send it to you after the event.

Price: Free for members* or $20 for non-members*

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*Includes your first drink, a professional portrait photo, and priceless connections and conversations.


Meet your speakers

Claire George leads Corporate and Internal Communications for IBM across the Asia Pacific region. Previously, she led IBM’s Social Engagement program, working closely with LinkedIn to develop coaching programs for Executives on personal branding using the platform. Claire will share her experience and insights on how everyone can (and should be) using their LinkedIn account to build their own personal brand. Follow Claire on Twitter.

Amanda Dennett is Head of Digital Experience at the Australian War Memorial. She has previously worked as a media adviser, led a video production team, and implemented social media customer service at the Department of Human Services. Amanda will share insights on how communication professionals can develop strategies for LinkedIn and social media to build company brand, improve culture and create employee advocates. Follow Amanda on Twitter.

Photo of Claire and Amanda

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