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18 Apr 2020

I won’t bother with all the usual platitudes about ‘crazy times’ and ‘unprecedented events’.

As all communicators know, sh*t got real very quickly and aside from the fabulous medical professionals, who did the rest of the world turn to make sense of it all? That’s right, communicators. We are lucky to be in a position to make a real difference to people in this difficult time. We just need to do it quickly.

Lucky for us in Australia we are a few weeks behind from a communications perspective in how things have already panned out for Europe and North America . One thing has struck me from the very start of COVID-19 is this: the utter GENEROSITY of other communications professionals to share resources with their peers so we have the tools we need to do our job without delay. And we all have seen how quickly information has changed (and in some cases, changed back again!) and how there has been conflicting advice on some topics about what is allowed state by state, dispelling rumours around the best forms of personal hygiene practices as we have moved through increasingly more severe containment measures.

Here’s five resources I’ve personally been grateful to have been shared with me, and want to share with you:

  1. IABC’s Member Hub threads on COVID-19 and free resources page. If you are looking for a sounding board in your isolated working arrangements, this is a must go-to.
  2. PROSCI’s free COVID-19 change webinars and resources. I’ve joined two webinars in the last couple of weeks about engaging during times of high anxiety and strategies for managing change during isolation.
  3. Remote working resources. Sharon Connolly, Senior Change Manager at Commonwealth Bank is a wiz with PowerPoint and was a god send in the first days of the crisis as I was preparing my organisation for working from home for the foreseeable future. Check out Sharon’s LinkedIn profile and amazing downloadable resources.
  4. Harvard Business Review’s COVID-19 business resources. Free articles on everything from juggling the work from home situation to leadership through the COVID-19 crisis.
  5. IAP2’s free webinars and COVID-19 information hub. A constantly-growing set of links to resources by offered by members, including ‘what next after COVID-19?’.

Oh I said five, but actually there is a sixth resource I thought was amazing:

  1. UK firm scarlettabbott’s amazing internal communications template. It maps the phases of the virus against business continuity. I used this and it was excellent.

Communicators have always been good sharers. Let’s keep the giving spirit alive—what can you share with a fellow communications colleague that they might find useful during this time?

Keep checking our website for online meetups and webinars we will bring to you—zero contact guaranteed! Stay safe, stay home and keep up the great work #canberracommunicators.

Alison Senti is the IABC Canberra Past President and accredited Strategic Communication Management Professional. She has almost 20 years working in public and private sector roles in communication, marketing, stakeholder engagement specialising in international and industry engagement. She loves to keep across ‘who’s doing it best’ when it comes to communication and share these insights. 
Connect with Alison on LinkedIn.

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