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Gaining your Communication Management Professional (CMP) certification

7 Feb 2016

Mardi Stewart is the first certified Communication Management Professional in the Asia Pacific region and we’re proud to call her ours!

She’s taken some time to share her experience with the crew at IABC global and shared a short excerpt with us too. You will be able to read the rest at the 2015 CMP Graduates page on

What do you think having the CMP designation will mean in terms of your career goals?

Having a globally-recognised certification provides an opportunity for employers to have confidence in your ability, knowledge and experience. It also shows you strive to achieve higher standards of learning and career development.

What surprised you most when you were preparing to sit the exam?

In some ways I was confident that my work in the communication profession in government, consumer and not-for-profit for 20 years would ensure I wouldn’t find the exam too difficult. However, it was a challenge and revealed some areas I can focus on to improve my performance as a practitioner.

What did you learn from the process of applying and sitting the exam?

The process provides an opportunity for career reflection. There is always the opportunity to learn something new. I was impressed with the comprehensive application process. I haven’t sat an exam for many years, so that was quite daunting!

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