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Giving Strategy a Soul

6 Nov 2014

Communicating strategy is complex as the next IABC guest speaker Managing Director of Anecdote Pty Ltd Mark Schenk knows too well.

In 2012, Mark met [Tracey] the head of strategy for one of Australia’s largest financial sector company’s who was pulling her hair out with frustration. Tracey described the enormous effort spent on the development and communication of the company’s strategy; where the CEO did a national roadshow presenting the strategy at every major site. Two weeks after the roadshow, Tracey met with a group of senior managers to share their key take-aways about the strategy  to feedback to the CEO. Not one manager was able to provide anything more than a shallow appreciation of the strategy and its implications. Sound familiar?

Find out from Mark why most strategies aren’t understood. More importantly, learn and see how strategy can be converted into a story that can be told at every level of the organisation and stick!

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