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5 Oct 2019

When it comes time for students to say good-bye to university and embark on a career journey in communications, it helps to be part of a professional network to smooth the path during that transition.

Most people who join their professional association are super-busy in both their professional and personal lives and leverage their membership as a means of keeping up to date with what’s going on in their industry or sector.

It’s well known that being a member of a professional association provides opportunities to meet and network with other professionals; it also positions you as an active and informed member in the communications field. Opportunities include mentoring and career advice, learning about the current trends occurring across the industry, and access to member-only resources and events.

IABC Canberra hosts events for members throughout the year.

The IABC is a well-established global network of professional communicators sharing a broad range and depth of experiences that you can tap into – locally, nationally and internationally. If you are considering a career in communications, then consider joining the IABC as a student member.

October is member’s month where you get a 10% discount on your membership. 

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