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Join the Communicating Canberra: 2018 Showcase

3 Aug 2018

IABC Canberra Board Member Claire George on how showcasing your work benefits the communications profession.

When I joined the IABC several years ago, there was one main thing I wanted to do… I wanted to hear from other communication professional like me, I wanted to understand what they were working on, their challenges and their successes. I knew that in order to progress in my own organisation, I needed to bring new ideas and innovations, but finding them had been a whole lot harder than I ever imagined.

I love attending events and chatting to the people around me. Inevitably we start talking about our current projects and I’m always a little delighted when I discover that we are working on similar ideas. After all, there aren’t that many completely new ideas out there, usually our work is an evolution, trial and error.

Wouldn’t the process be much easier if we all could learn from each other’s mistakes and successes? So, I started to search for written case studies that might prompt my inspiration or provide something tangible to convince a reluctant executive to try something new. But I couldn’t find much, and certainly very little that was local here in Canberra. Yet, I knew, I just knew, from my discussions at events, that there is great work happening everywhere. The problem is that no one has the time or the platform to document their stories.

In walks Barbara from the University of Canberra. She heads up the Media and Communications programs at UC (so many of their Alumni are among us, including me). I ask her about case studies, and she too has this challenge when trying to help students understand the kind of real-life projects they can expect to be working on when they get into the workplace. And, from this moment, a new partnership was formed.

Our Communicating Canberra: 2018 Showcase is a fantastic opportunity for Canberra-based communicators and students to collaborate in developing case studies from across all of our work. For government departments and businesses, it is a great opportunity to have someone else come in, interview your teams and write up your stories. You have something to showcase to your leadership teams and help future communication teams to replicate and learn from. Plus, you get a
free drink at the launch event (#winning).

The icing on the cake? The case studies will be written in a format that will make it easy to make a submission in the International Gold Quill awards for IABC. Ticking another box by gaining global recognition for your work and the incredible talent here in Canberra.

For the students, they get the opportunity to immerse themselves in real case studies. It gives them a chance to meet potential future employers, understand the challenges of applying communication strategy in a workplace environment and…well…it becomes an important part of their assessment! For our IABC members, we get insights on recent projects in industries like ours, and audiences like ours, to help build our own programs.

Win win win win win!

So, if you haven’t already done so, start thinking about which of your projects (big, small, creative,
complicated, challenged or simple) you could nominate to have included as part of the showcase.

After all, why not?

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