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My IABC year

27 Oct 2017

Looking back over the year, I’m amazed at the richness of professional development that I took advantage of with IABC. My year included:

IABC Leadership Institute, Dallas [February] – three days of inspiration, leadership development and insights into how to make IABC a better community for you.

IABC Canberra: Engaging with government, perspectives from both sides of the fence [April]. Simon Westaway, CEO of the Australian Livestock Exporters’ Council, related experiences and learnings, showing us what works and what doesn’t and where the pain points are in engagement between government and the companies and associations that need to work with them.

IABC Hong Kong: How to take China’s communication industry to the next level [April]. An international group of speakers discussed approaches for advancing business communications in China.

Government Communication, A UK Perspective [May]. Who can forget Alex Aiken, the Executive Director for Government Communications from the United Kingdom, and his rallying cry for the professional-ising of our profession.

IABC World Conference, Washington DC [June]. Probably the standout event for me was attending world conference. It is a wonderful time to meet, connect and learn from communicators from around the world. You’ve got to attend this conference at least once in your career.

IABC APAC Conference, Singapore [August]. A more intimate conference of around 120 communicators from Asia Pacific learning and sharing their experiences as they forged relationships across the region.

IABC Canberra: Crafting and telling the story of your strategy [August]. An inspiring message from Shawn Callahan who laid out a simple process for developing and sharing stories to communicate company strategy.

IABC Canberra: Everybody’s talking at me [September]. Most recently I heard Professor Jim Macnamara expand on his three-country research on how and how well government, corporations and non-government organisations listen – and the steps we can all take to improve institutional listening.

Professional development is one of the reasons I became and remain a member of the IABC. For twelve years. I look forward to my annual membership renewal, because I know I will be a better communicator for it come year’s end.

Victor Zalakos

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