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Past President

The Past President is the previous year’s President and provides continuity to the incoming President. This is a twelve-month position. 


  • Any duties assigned by the President
  • assist with Board development, including nominations for the Board and committees
  • provide mentoring and guidance to board members on chapter history and governance to support continuity for the Chapter
  • help identify members to participate on local and international committees
  • provide strategic counsel to the President and the Treasurer
  • maintain a positive and beneficial relationship with existing sponsors or partners.

Skill requirements 

  • Leadership, coaching, mentoring, and motivation 
  • Networking and relationship building
  • Project management and organisation skills
  • Team building 
  • Fiscal management 
  • Strategic planning

Professional development opportunity

After working to achieve specific goals as chapter president, you’ll have the opportunity to officially assess and showcase the progress of the Chapter. You will also serve as an advisor to the current chapter president and the other board members. This role will help to hone your coaching and mentoring skills.

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