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The President is the chief officer of the IABC Chapter (The Association). The position is a one-year term, following a pre-term as Vice President or President Elect and will automatically succeed to Past President following one year term as President. It is a three-year commitment in total.


  • Exercise general supervision over affairs of the Association, and lead with integrity and ethical conduct, ensuring that overall governance and adherence to IABC vision and integrity
  • preside at all Annual and Special meetings, as well as Board meetings
  • represent the Chapter in the community, and at relevant IABC meetings, and liaises with other Chapter Presidents, Asia Pacific and International
  • brief the Vice President/ President-elect on all matters
  • act as the media spokesperson for the Association or delegate for another director to do so
  • represent or appoint a representative of the Chapter at meetings of other organisations and public events
  • working with the Vice President prepare and execute a sponsorship strategy
  • maintain a positive and beneficial relationship with existing sponsors or partners
  • identify and approach new opportunities for partnerships – whether in-kind or paid
  • develop, refine and maintain the sponsorship program
  • develop and maintain a sponsorship profile of IABC Canberra
  • identify and consider alternative models for sponsorship.

Skill requirements

  • Leadership, coaching, mentoring, and motivation
  • Networking and relationship building
  • Project management and organisation skills
  • Team building
  • Fiscal management
  • Strategic planning

Professional development opportunity

This position offers an excellent management opportunity to a communications professional. The chapter president will build a cohesive team of fellow communications professionals and establish and achieve specific goals. You will oversee all aspects of chapter business and will work diligently to ensure the progress of the Chapter, in addition to perfecting public speaking and organisational skills.

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