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As a business communicator, professional certification can elevate your career and help keep your skills fresh and applicable. This page is a starting point for our IABC Canberra members to better understand the journey towards obtaining (and maintaining) your certification. If you have any questions, queries or feedback, reach out at anytime at

Prepare for a certification exam

The road to certification can take time and commitment, but the dividends at the end are worth the effort. This handy presentation helps you understand the process and timeline for sitting an exam. 

Honour roll

IABC Canberra celebrates the achievements of our members with SCMP or CMP certification.

Why certify?

Discover why former IABC Canberra President Victor Zalakos decided to pursue certification and obtain endorsement of his knowledge and experience at the global standard.

Benefits of certification

There is proven research that certification helps advance your career – 50 percent of all certified professionals are promoted within the first six months of getting a certification. Discover other compelling reasons to get certified in this presentation.

Maintaining your certification 

You’re certified?! Congratulations. Don’t forget that due to the pace at which information changes in the industry, certificants are required to renew their certification annually. Find out what is required to meet your recertification requirements.


Additional information about the exam process, meeting your training hours and more. 

Local certification information

Read our latest article on certification. This includes information such as who certification best suits and why, and testimonials from some of Canberra’s certified members.

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