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Three tips on renewing your Communication Certification

Past IABC Canberra President Amanda Dennett shares her advice for making your CMP or SCMP renewal as easy as possible.

I’m in the process of gathering evidence on the professional development activities I’ve completed during the past year so I can renew my communication certification. I sat the Strategic Communication Management Professional certification exam (SCMP) in October 2020, so my first renewal is due soon!

Here are my top tips based on what I’ve learned through this process, hopefully they help make your CMP or SCMP renewal straightforward.

  1. Undertake professional development (PD) activities regularly (at least once per month). This approach will ensure you more than meet your renewal requirements and aren’t caught short a few weeks out from renewal trying to complete a year’s worth of PD! I knock some of this over by listening to podcasts each week on my commute and by using LinkedIn to find and read articles on communication management and leadership.
  2. Keep an ongoing record of your activities. I haven’t done this up until now and trawling through my emails to find records of webinars I’ve attended is proving to be a chore. Learn from my experience and keep a quick list of what activities you’re undertaking as you’re doing them – it can just be a title, date and link that you can add to later.  You can do this by logging into the website and adding your completed PD as you go, or if you’d rather login once to renew, use our free template below to keep a record of your activities so you can copy and paste them at renewal time.
  3. Consider taking on a big-points activity for next year. Each PD activity you complete is worth a varying amount of points (for example, reading an industry article is worth one point) and you need to achieve 40 points for renewal.

If you’re interested in achieving Communication Certification, IABC Canberra will hold its next CMP and SCMP exams later this year. Find out more here:

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