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Todd Wheatland – IABC Canberra June 2016 Event

18 Jul 2016

Todd Wheatland is a recognised authority on content, B2B and social marketing. He is head of global strategy at King Content and recently spoke at an IABC lunch event in Canberra.

Listening to him speak about how the world has become more visual through digital content, it’s easy to see how his projects have been recognised around the world and hard not to be caught up in his genuine passion for driving engagement with content.

He reflected that in the past six years the way of promoting content has changed. It used to be that a website was the main vehicle and Facebook (FB) and Twitter were linked to the website. Now, the reach to websites through FB has dwindled – it’s all about paid media on FB.

He said reach is not just about frequency of content but is also about the relevance of content and the real engagement with the content by the target audience.

“It’s essential to decide who you are trying to target, and how you are going to use the “ecosystem:” to get that message out to those people,” he said.

“You need to define how the content assets fit in with those the objectives and its medium to long-term impact.”

Partnering with iSentia, King Content can offer deep analysis to guide content placement and its performance on different channels – the ‘eco-systems’.

He said the market had shifted and now it’s much more analytical. It’s not just about publishing and posting. It’s now about who are we targeting, and what do we want them to do? A far more technical game!

Story telling ability remains vital, but ultimately it’s the ability of an organisation to capture these stories.

He said King Content was producing 10 times more video content than a few years ago.

“Channels have become ecosystems and the ways content can be consumed have changed.

He said people want the perception of authenticity and while Snapchat is instant and does not last it can find a fit for a particular geographic area and target, even a very small area.

The UK Department of Transport used Snapchat for its “Drive High” campaign targeting people leaving night clubs and pubs – it resulted in very high share rates.

However, he said one of the challenges of digital content is there was often very little trust in what government leaders or big business issued.

He cited some findings from the latest Ipsos Mind and Mood report which included:

  1. Rise in new media consumption – it’s possible to go through life now with only your own reality, constantly through Social media selected news feeds.
    Social media, through these algorithms, throws up content that will AFFIRM your view of the world.
  2. Lack of general knowledge – different type of exposure, young people may never know the PM’s name due to the ability to self-select feeds on social media channels
  3. Trust in mainstream media is very low – generally perceived as old school, but the ABC and SBS are platforms of trust.
  4. We are turning the TVs off and getting news and programs through streaming, podcasts etc.

He wrapped up by discussing ‘overlapping rings’ that what you (an organisation) has to say and what the audience wants to see/hear – is a narrow overlap – and that’s what communication is all about. The effectiveness of each channel depends on level of engagement by the audience with the content.

“That if I understand you as an individual, I can form my message in a way that means something to you.”

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