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The Treasurer is responsible for managing and reporting all finances and facilitating finance audits for IABC Canberra and IABC Global. This role requires 2-3 hours per month plus attending board meetings.


  • All money due to the association is collected and received, and that all payments authorised by the Association are made
  • correct books and accounts are kept showing the financial affairs of the Association, including full details of all receipts and expenditure connected with the activities of the Association
  • ensure that Association monies are managed responsibly and in the best interests of members;
  • prepare monthly financial reports (in conjunction with accountant or bookkeeper if required) 
  • handle banking for the Association including maintaining appropriate records regarding such matters as invoicing, payments, reimbursements
  • liaise with IABC Finance to meet IABC reporting requirements
  • making recommendations to the Board on budgets and associated issues
  • coordinate the audit of books annually for IABC International and reporting and financial statements for the annual general meeting.

Skill Requirements

  • Fiscal management
  • Project management
  • Leadership

Professional development opportunity

This position offers the opportunity to perfect financial planning and management, budgeting and organisational skills, in addition to providing some experience in delegation.

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