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Vice President

The Vice President supports the President with a focus on sponsorship and member engagement. This role is the President-elect and so has automatic succession to President in the following year, followed by twelve months as Past President. This is a three-year commitment.


  • any duties assigned by the President and by this Constitution
  • represent or act in the absence of the President
  • lead strategy development activities and monitor progress towards goals
  • assist Directors and/or act in vacant roles if required
  • liaise with other Board members to ensure the success of overall programs of work
  • working with the President prepare and execute a sponsorship strategy
    • maintain a positive and beneficial relationship with existing sponsors or partners
    • identify and approach new opportunities for partnerships – whether in-kind or paid
    • draft sponsorship agreements and implementation plans
    • develop, refine and maintain the sponsorship program
    • develop and maintain a sponsorship profile of IABC Canberra
    • identify and consider alternative models for sponsorship.

Skill requirements

  • Leadership, coaching, mentoring, and motivation
  • Networking and relationship building
  • Project management and organisation skills
  • Team building
  • Fiscal management
  • Strategic planning

Professional development opportunity

This position offers the president-elect a year of on-the-job-training for his or her upcoming position as chapter president. It provides an opportunity for limited management experience, as you assist the current chapter president with organisation and delegation. This role serves as a learning experience to prepare for your year as president.

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