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2 Nov 2020

By Juliette Taylor, creativeXpeople

It used to be a creative’s dream. Break free from the shackles chaining you to the desk to get outside and let your creativity run wild. Brainstorm at the park. Ideate in a cafe. Write scripts from your own couch. Get out of the stifling four walls of the office and get the creative juices flowing in a new environment. It was the perfect formula for thinking outside the box. And to most, a mere dream of an alternate reality.

Then, all of a sudden, it became our ’new normal’. After COVID struck and working from home became mandatory, the opportunities to work from anywhere opened up and changed the face of creative ideation forever. This newfound freedom and flexibility enabled those right-brained individuals among us to explore a new way to exercise their creative muscles.

This newfound flexibility is not only the subject of the ad the creativeXpeople at Synergy Group created for our recent Pitch on Gruen, but it was our lived experience in developing the idea. We brainstormed outside. We reviewed the idea over coffee in the sun. We collaborated with colleagues internationally over video calls. The brief was to convince Australians never to go back to the office. We were tasked with championing flexible working, and a critical part of the ideation process was doing just that. We practiced what we preached.

To really get to the heart of a solution, we interrogated each word ofthe brief and dissected the behaviour shift we wanted to invoke. What would ittake to actually convince people? How do we relate directly at a human leveland showcase the opportunities this new world of working remotely affords us?After multiple brainstorms, we found a way to link the ultimate experience ofworking anywhere else, not just home, with how we view the features of an officealtogether. And so our pitch to Work from Anywhere was born – and we won!

After successfully winning Pitch, our attention now turns to what comes next. How do we strike the right balance between working remotely and working in the office to keep our creative thinking fresh? To some, returning to the office offers respite from the stifling home environment and constant distractions of pets, kids, partners, postmen, and the overzealous neighbour practicing the saxophone. And to others, being in their home comfort zone sparks inspiration and ideas.

Ultimately creativity is all about what works for the individual. Finding the right balance of remote vs office working is the new holy grail for creatives. And once you’ve found that sweet spot of ideation, that’s where the magic happens.

Continuing to explore this balance is something the creativeXpeople team at Synergy is passionate about. So, we decided to keep going beyond Gruen. Building on Work From Anywhere, we’re building a movement to rethink the balance of work that works by creating the campaign and continuing to research the cultural impacts of getting that balance right. We’d love to know what you think – get in touch via and let us know what balance means to you.

Juliette Taylor is a Senior Manager in creativeXpeople at Synergy Group. Joining the team off the back of leading the Global Campaign Management for integrated marketing campaigns across Deliveroo’s 14 markets, based in London. Now returned to Aussie shores, Juliette is bringing her expertise leading brands across the food, tech, entertainment, financial services, electronics, FMCG, automotive and NFP industries across London and Sydney, to this award-winning team, further expanding their reach into public and private sector markets to drive behaviour change through a creative, marketing and communications lens on projects ranging from shifting deep organisational cultures and behaviour through to large-scale campaigns, and brand exploration.

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